Sifco ASC

Sifco ASC

From Troublesome Tar & Gravel to Single Ply PVC

Our Process

Problem at Hand

Sifco ASC Found themselves in the same position as many commercial building owners. Their Tar & Gravel roof had sprung leaks in multiple locations.

Solution Applied

Single Ply PVC 60mil in thickness was installed on the entire roof surface with new metal flashing around the perimeter. 


This new roof is, durable, waterproof and insulates while reflecting radiant heat.

Sifco ASC
is a global organization that specializes in selective electroplating and is located in Independence, Ohio.

They reached out to us wondering if we could permanently solve the major roof leaks they were experiencing at their Independence, Ohio location

The Problem,

Sifco ASC’s Independence, Ohio location was leaking at multiple locations. The culprit was an aging Tar & Gravel roof. What is Tar & Gravel? “They are an old-fashioned type of commercial roofing. Tar & Gravel roofs, also called Built-Up roofs, are made of alternating layers of fiberglass or felt applied with hot tar. This layer is then covered with loose gravel to protect the tar from damaging UV rays. These tar-based roofs are vulnerable to cracking and shrinkage caused by repeated heating and cooling. Cracks can randomly appear along the roof surface, allowing water to penetrate down to the lower layers, if not entirely through into the building. As you can imagine, even the cracks that do not penetrate entirely through will still speed the breakdown process.

Sifco ASC contacted us, hoping we would have a superior roofing system to offer. A thorough inspection showed that Single Ply PVC was an appropriate solution.

We went in and inspected the roof and decided the upper section needed a complete tear-off and reroofed. The lower area was okay to do a layover. 
We started this project on the upper section and removed the old roofing down to the metal decking. After the tear-off, we installed a tapered insulation board with crickets between the drains. Then we installed a new single-ply PVC 60mil on the entire roof surface with new metal flashing around the perimeter. 
On the lower section, we removed all the gravel from the roof surface and then returned and installed 1.5″ iso board insulation across the entire roof surface. Then we installed a 60mil single-ply PVC over the whole roof surface and new perimeter flashing
This project was about 29,000 sq ft and took about four weeks from start to finish. 
The Old Tar & Gravel Roof

Getting Started

Our inspection showed that the upper section of the roof required a complete tear off down to the metal decking. The lower section how ever was still solid and a layover could be installed. All the gravel was removed from the roof surface prior to installing the Single Ply PVC.

Solving The Problem

We worked with Sifco ASC to determine the roofing system that solves their problem and fits their budget. 60 Mil. thickness Single Ply PVC was the selected roofing system.

First, we stripped the upper roof to the metal decking, and we installed a tapered ISO Insulation Board. This promotes drainage and increases roof R-Value. Over the ISO Board, we installed PVC, and each seam was welded, creating a durable roof surface.

On the lower section, we removed the gravel and installed a 1.5 inch ISO Insulation Board over the entire roof. This roof is both reflective and insulative. This roof will likely pay for itself in lower energy bills in a few years.

Total Square footage was approx. 29,000 sq feet.

Time from start to finish was 4 weeks.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof Application Process – Gold Star Roofing (Cleveland Ohio)

Applying Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof System Over an existing built-up roof using Conklin acrylic roof coatings On this Flat Roof project, we removed the perimeter Flashing and raised the outer edges, and then installed newer gravel stop flashing. This allowed us to install more SPF or Spray Polyurethane Foam on the outer edges to create a more positive roof slope. After applying the SPF(Spray Polyurethane Foam) we then applied an acrylic base coat on top of the Foam Roof. After the basecoat was dried we came back with a highly reflective White top coat on the entire roof. At Gold Star Roofing we provide solutions for commercial flat and low-sloped roofs. Some of the roofing systems we work with are Spray Foam, Acrylic Roof Coatings, Urethane Roof Coatings, TPO, PVC Membranes Manufactures we work with Conklin Company, GAF, Carlisle, Johns Manville Folow us on facebook… #roofcoatings #conklinroofcoatings #sprayfoamroofing #commercialroofinginstallation #commercialroofing

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