De-Lamination like this quickly turns into major leaks.

What We Offer...

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Small punctures and tears must be fixed.

At Gold Star Roofing, we believe a preventive maintenance program is vital for all flat and low-sloped roofs. Maintenance programs help you save money and help you budget for your roof without having severe leakage and damage to your building.

HOW IT WORKS, our team of trained experts will come out and inspect your entire roof creating a checklist of items, including areas of defect, points of deterioration, rooftop equipment, and flashing. We will then generate a report based on our inspection and create a customizable plan to help prolong and keep your roof in excellent condition and prevent significant issues. Our maintenance programs consist of a checklist and are performed by our team. Include are: roof photos, roof cleaning and debris removal, checking seams, checking rooftop equipment, terminations, cleaning drains, along with minor repairs. We tailor a maintenance program to your specific roof. We will then work with you to create a semiannual schedule and take action to maintain your roof correctly. We will then complete the scheduled services or repairs and generate a report upon completion. Benefits of preventative maintenance are, Extended life of your roof Prevents significant roof leaks/damage, Peace of Mind, Understanding your roof’s condition.

We understand how valuable your assets are, and we believe your building is one of the most significant investments you own. No matter how nice your building is, it will quickly begin deteriorating and lose its value without a high-quality waterproof roof. At GOLD STAR ROOFING, our goal is to bring a positive experience to everyone we come in contact with while building long-lasting client relationships.


 These roof problems pictured below quickly turn into serious problems.

Fortunately they are quickly and easy solved or prevented with a Gold Star Maintenance Plan.

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