Tar & Gravel Restoration

Before After

Onhorizons Inc

Reflective White Metal Restoration

Out With The Old, In With The New

Tar & Gravel is Outdated

Repairs and Maintenance are Difficult

White Roofs Save Time & Money

This is what the old roof looked like.

An old, outdated system that was failing fast.

Failing Tar & Gravel

The Problem, & Solution

Once an old standby, Tar & Gravel has largely been cast aside into the waste bin of roofing history. Why? well simply because that’s where it belongs. Sure it worked fine back in the day when that’s all that was available and hey, back then it was better than lead sheet roofing. Today we are fortunate to have lightweight Membranes, Coatings and SPF (spray polyurethane foam) Systems to protect buildings. These highly advanced roofing systems are known for delivering many years of worry free service and often come with long lasting warrantees. John Glen High School made a great choice by choosing Gold Star Roofing to redo their aging roof. The new Single Ply System manufactured by Conklin will give them years of useful life. Make the call today, get a quote for a roof that works.
The Finished Roof

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