CVS Pharmacy, Columbus OH


Transformed from Deteriorating EPDM to Monolithic Acrylic

Our Process

Problem at Hand

CVS Pharmacy, located on Hard Rd in Columbus, OH, had a problem. Their EPDM rubber roof was deteriorating. Multiple roofing seams & patches failed, resulting in costly damaging leaks.

Solution Applied

Inspection showed that the insulation board was still in good condition making it a prime candidate for our white reflective Monolithic Acrylic Membrane (Puma XL).


Without ever exposing the building to the threat of a sudden rainstorm, we installed a monolithic EPDM Restoration System called Puma XL. Its reflective white saves on cooling bills, and the warranty guarantee 18 years of leak-proof service.

CVS, a drug-store chain, reached out to Gold Star Commercial Roofing, wondering if we could permanently fix a failing EPDM roof at one of their Columbus, Ohio locations

The Problem,

CVS’s Hard Road Columbus, Ohio, location sprung multiple damaging, costly & unsightly roof leaks. What caused this? Good question. A deteriorating EPDM rubber roofing system failing at the seams and attempted patch jobs was the culprit. What is EPDM? Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (or EPDM) is a common roofing material, aka rubber roofing. While it enjoyed its fair share of popularity in the past, there are better materials today. One of the significant drawbacks of EPDM is its natural black color. With energy costs climbing daily, there has never been a better time to switch from a black roof to a reflective white roof. A common myth is that the black color helps melt snow from off roofs in the wintertime; this is not true in anything but the lightest of snowfall. For this to be true, the black roof needs to be exposed. Anyone familiar with heavy snowfall understands that if the snow is deep enough to cause concern, the roof will be covered entirely, negating any benefit of a black roof. EPDM is prone to weather-checking cracks and seam failures as well.

Today we have superior roofing systems in brilliant reflective white. Quality insulation paired with this new white roofing is the best of both worlds. Insulation slashes energy bills year-round while the white reflects 85% or more of solar radiation during the summer months easing cooling bills.

CVS contacted us, searching for a superior roofing system. Our inspection showed that the insulation underneath the old EPDM was still in good condition. With the insulation board still in good condition, a tear-off was unnecessary, and we could restore the roof instead. Roof restoration is environmentally friendly as it avoids adding unnecessary roofing material to landfills. A side benefit to restoration is we can prevent a costly tear-off, and the building remains protected from the weather throughout the process. Roof Restoration lowers the cost and eliminates risk.

Puma XL, a White Reflective Monolithic (seamless)  Acrylic, was chosen as the right restoration system for this roof.

The Old EPDM Roof

Getting Started

With initial inspection showing the underlying roof system was stable, we could get straight to cleaning and prepping the roof for restoration. Every inch of the roof is pretreated with a commercial-grade roof cleaner and allowed to soak and dissolve accumulated dirt and grime, which is then pressure washed off.

Below is a short clip of the cleaning process.

The Proccess

The roof is clean, and it’s go time. Every seam in the old roof is primed, and a high-strength synthetic cloth is placed on top. The reinforcement is then covered with a second coat of primer and rolled in. This removes any air or voids and ensures maximum adhesion. Some areas, such as old patches, require larger sheets of reinforcement. Proper reinforcement of the seams is essential for long, trouble-free service life.

Below you can see the proccess as well as the nearly-completed seam reinforcement.

The Restoration Begins.

Puma XL = Brilliant White.

With every seam reinforced the entire roof is primed and the final sheets of fabric are rolled into the base coat across the entire roof. The fabric is in place and it’s top coat time. This roof is about 12,000 sq ft and took only 5 working days. The final cost was a mere fraction of the cost of a complete tear-off and replacement with an 18-year warranty for good measure. Just look at that gleaming white roof!

With a seamless roof like this leaking seams are never a problem. The best part is this roof can be renewed with a new warranty for another 18 years so long as the renewal is completed before the end of the current 18-year warranty.

Would you like 18 years of ZERO roof-related stress? How about lowered energy bills in the summer? Call us today @440-313-6242

Puma XL Monolithic Acrylic is a Liquid Applied Membrane

Here It Is, Completely Finished!

Gleaming White Puma XL, good for the next 18 years.


Another Profesional Roof Restoration.
Before After

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof Application Process – Gold Star Roofing (Cleveland Ohio)

Applying Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof System Over an existing built-up roof using Conklin acrylic roof coatings On this Flat Roof project, we removed the perimeter Flashing and raised the outer edges, and then installed newer gravel stop flashing. This allowed us to install more SPF or Spray Polyurethane Foam on the outer edges to create a more positive roof slope. After applying the SPF(Spray Polyurethane Foam) we then applied an acrylic base coat on top of the Foam Roof. After the basecoat was dried we came back with a highly reflective White top coat on the entire roof. At Gold Star Roofing we provide solutions for commercial flat and low-sloped roofs. Some of the roofing systems we work with are Spray Foam, Acrylic Roof Coatings, Urethane Roof Coatings, TPO, PVC Membranes Manufactures we work with Conklin Company, GAF, Carlisle, Johns Manville Folow us on facebook… #roofcoatings #conklinroofcoatings #sprayfoamroofing #commercialroofinginstallation #commercialroofing

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