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Reflective White Metal Restoration

Our Process

Problem at Hand

OnHorizons Inc, located on Medina Rd in Medina, OH, reached out to us with a common problem. Like many other commercial metal roofs, theirs was leaking due to thermal movement.

Solution Applied

We performed an inspection and found that the metal was in excellent condition. It was a perfect candidate for Metal Roof Restoration. We cleaned the roof and installed a Liquid Applied Acrylic Membrane.


We fully prepped and cleaned the roof before applying a Reinforced Seam Bonded Acrylic Membrane. This reflective white roofing system complete with a 10-year warranty also reflects 85% of solar radiation (heat) which will lower their energy bills.

OnHorizons Inc. in Medina, OH, contacted us because their large metal roof leaked from the seams and many of the fasteners.

From the start of the project to completion was a mere seven working days. Our warranty guarentees this roof against premature failure for ten years.

Cracking Caulking is a Recipe for Leaks

The Problem,

Onhorizons Inc’s metal roof was a leaking mess. It was leaking from the seams, flashing, and loosening screws. Metal Roofs are a time-tested roofing system on sloped roofs and are widely used for many reasons. They are lightweight, strong, self-supporting, and generally known for their long life. Unfortunately, for commercial purposes, metal roofs love slope; the more slope, the better they perform. This is great for most residential and Ag uses; however problems quickly arise when used on commercial buildings in a low slope configuration. Low-slope can be defined as 1-2″ of slope per 12 feet of roofline (aka 2/12) as opposed to residential & Ag, where 4 inches drop in 12 feet and up is the norm. What difference does it make? The low-slope roof does not drain water nearly as efficiently, and the water backs up in heavy rains. This water then exploits any imperfection in the roof, no matter how small. A screw loosened slightly by thermal movement becomes a troublesome leak. Likewise, while the seams have anti-wicking grooves, any imperfection which would never show up on a steeper roof turns into the roof equivalent of a gushing faucet every rainstorm. These problems have been known to present themselves as early as five years or after installing a brand new roof. What is the answer, you ask? Simple, eliminate all seams and fasteners. But you might wonder, doesn’t the metal need fastened to the roof frame and metal roof panels can only be made so big, right? You are correct; we don’t change the metal at all but we will cover all that in the next section.

The Roof When We Started

Getting Started

Let’s fix this roof. Our first step is to tighten every fastener on the entire roof. Now, with the roof firmly secured once more, the best part can begin. If we want the membrane to bond to the metal, it has to be dry! We then treat the roof with commercial grade rust removing cleaner/degreaser. The cleaner is left to work several minutes before pressure washing begins. Just how long varies depending on how much dirt or rust is present. Next comes the pressure washing. With dirt, grime, and rust loosened by the Rust-Off, the high-pressure water jets make short work of removing everything, including old caulk. Any old caulk remaining is scraped off and disposed. Now that we have a clean roof, a cap of specialized acrylic caulk is applied to each fastener head. This caulking cap serves several purposes, including a reduced chance of the fastener working loose and protecting the final layer from edges on the fastener that might cut through. Think of it like a knife sheath; it immobilizes and protects. Each seam is filled or covered in seam-grade acrylic caulk. Gutters are lined with Affinity Urethane Sealer.

The Proccess

This roof restoration is well underway with a clean roof, fasteners tight and caulked, seams caulked, and gutters lined with urethane. Because this is a standing-seam roof, the metal seams are caulked instead of the usual fabric reinforcement. The entire roof is primed, and the top layer is applied. In this case, we chose Puma XL as the optimal liquid applied membrane for this roof. Conklin produces Puma XL, whose chemical makeup (Poly-Urethane Modified Acrylic) is renowned for its strength, flexibility, and durability.

Cleaned and seams caulked

Puma XL = Brilliant White.

Every inch is deep cleaned. Each fastener tightened and caulk. Every seam carefully caulked. The primer is surely bonded to the metal and the top coat of Puma XL is applied. This Environmentally friendly restoration resulted in 0 landfill waste and in 9 years it can be renewed with a fresh coat of Puma XL. 

With a seamless roof like this leaking seams are never a problem. 

Would you like 10 years of ZERO roof-related stress? How about lowered energy bills in the summer? Call us today @ 440-313-6242

Puma XL is a Liquid Applied Membrane

Here It Is, Completely Finished!

Gleaming White Puma XL, good for the next 10 years.

Another Profesional Roof Restoration.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof Application Process – Gold Star Roofing (Cleveland Ohio)

Applying Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof System Over an existing built-up roof using Conklin acrylic roof coatings On this Flat Roof project, we removed the perimeter Flashing and raised the outer edges, and then installed newer gravel stop flashing. This allowed us to install more SPF or Spray Polyurethane Foam on the outer edges to create a more positive roof slope. After applying the SPF(Spray Polyurethane Foam) we then applied an acrylic base coat on top of the Foam Roof. After the basecoat was dried we came back with a highly reflective White top coat on the entire roof. At Gold Star Roofing we provide solutions for commercial flat and low-sloped roofs. Some of the roofing systems we work with are Spray Foam, Acrylic Roof Coatings, Urethane Roof Coatings, TPO, PVC Membranes Manufactures we work with Conklin Company, GAF, Carlisle, Johns Manville Folow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?… https://goldstarcommercialroofing.com/ #roofcoatings #conklinroofcoatings #sprayfoamroofing #commercialroofinginstallation #commercialroofing

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