What Types Of Commercial Roofs Are There? 

Commercial Roofing Types

As a building owner in Cleveland, your roof is essential to keeping your investments safe. Like homes, commercial businesses need reliable protection to save you, the property owner, from wasting money on frequent repairs. With the right system from a trusted roofing contractor local to Cleveland, Ohio, you can stop damage before it happens. 

But which type of Cleveland roofing is best for a commercial property? Below are four top options you should consider when requesting a quote from your Cleveland commercial roofer. Check them out and see which is the perfect choice for your business. 

  1. Metal 

Metal roofing is one of the best investments you can make in your property. It lasts decades longer than other materials, ensuring you get excellent value. It also requires little maintenance because it’s so resilient to rust, leaks, and wind. Depending on the color, it can be quite an energy efficiency upgrade, so your energy bills may decrease depending on your old system. 

One of the best perks of metal is its aesthetic. Not only does it offer a clean, professional finish, but it’s highly customizable. Ask your commercial roofing contractors in Cleveland, Ohio, just how many colors they offer, and you’re sure to be surprised. This beautiful roof can help you maintain a consistent professional brand — an essential goal in any business. 

 1.1 Metal Restoration

Maybe your building already has a metal roof, but it is leaking or showing its age. Did you know we can restore that metal roof? Our restoration systems a reflective white and seamless for the ultimate leak protection. A properly restored metal roof can even come with a warranty of up to 18 years. 

  1. Fabric Reinforced Coating 

With the severe winter weather we Ohioans get, it’s crucial to have a roof that’s easy to maintain. That’s where a fabric-reinforced coating system can help. 

Your Cleveland commercial roofer may recommend this system for several reasons:

• It has a leak-resistant membrane.

• It’s incredibly durable.

• Its white finish is energy efficient, meaning lower energy bills for you.

It’s an affordable choice that We can further reinforce regularly to protect your investment. 

  1. Elastomeric Coating 

Elastomeric is a liquid-applied system that provides a watertight seal for your Cleveland commercial roofing. Say goodbye to getting out the buckets after a rainstorm! 

This system lasts around 15-20 years, but you can often extend this lifespan with proper maintenance/restoration. Maintenance is often just a cleaning to remove dirt and debris. 

The coating can also be applied quickly, ensuring minimal interference with daily business. Ask your roofing contractors in Cleveland, Ohio if this could be the perfect system for your property! 

  1. Single-Ply System 

Single-Ply systems are high-performance and low maintenance, making them a perfect option for any commercial property owner. These are also highly fire resistant, further protecting your property from potential damage. 

If you’re looking for an affordable and durable system that will get you a long warranty from your commercial roofing contractors in Cleveland, Ohio, you’ve found a perfect choice! 

Get the Best Cleveland Commercial Roofing System 

When it comes to your property, you want the most value and the best protection. That’s why you should consider these above systems for any commercial space. All of these are durable, reliable systems for your property, ranging in affordability that directly correlates to how long it will last. 

Contact your local Cleveland commercial roofer and learn more about how you can get the best deals on your ideal system. 


Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof Application Process – Gold Star Roofing (Cleveland Ohio)

Applying Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof System Over an existing built-up roof using Conklin acrylic roof coatings On this Flat Roof project, we removed the perimeter Flashing and raised the outer edges, and then installed newer gravel stop flashing. This allowed us to install more SPF or Spray Polyurethane Foam on the outer edges to create a more positive roof slope. After applying the SPF(Spray Polyurethane Foam) we then applied an acrylic base coat on top of the Foam Roof. After the basecoat was dried we came back with a highly reflective White top coat on the entire roof. At Gold Star Roofing we provide solutions for commercial flat and low-sloped roofs. Some of the roofing systems we work with are Spray Foam, Acrylic Roof Coatings, Urethane Roof Coatings, TPO, PVC Membranes Manufactures we work with Conklin Company, GAF, Carlisle, Johns Manville Folow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?… https://goldstarcommercialroofing.com/ #roofcoatings #conklinroofcoatings #sprayfoamroofing #commercialroofinginstallation #commercialroofing

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